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Date of creation
“ProRuralInvest” NGO is a national nongovernmental, non-commercial, non-profit, apolitical, organisation. Its legal form of organization is NGO. It was created in June 2003 freely by associated legal and physic persons in order to reach jointly the purposes under the statute.
ProRuralInvest started its activities in June 2003 as a partner organization of the Landell-Mills Management Consultants, which is UK based consulting company and is responsible for implementation in Moldova of the Support to Rural Investment and Services Project. Founders are persons with large practical skills and expertise in developing consulting services.
ProRuralInvest acts as a nongovernmental, non-commercial, non-profit, apolitical, organisation. It is governed by General Meeting of members of the Association, which elects the President of the organization for a 4-year period. The President of the organization manages the day-to-day activities as well as long and short-term strategic planning and organisation development.
Primary clients of ProRuralInvest are rural citizens.
ProRuralInvest NGO’s main objective is to contribute to multidimensional and ongoing development of the rural sector though promotion of rural business development concept and providing continuous assistance to all categories of rural entrepreneurs; contribution to the increase in the rural livelihoods, improved standards of living, and as a result to the poverty and social strain reduction, improvement of the quality of life. Other objectives include: - improved knowledge and access to legal advice and support in safeguarding the ownership rights of the rural citizens; promotion of farmers’ collaboration to overcome problems caused by fragmentation during privatisation; creation of new employment opportunities; increase the awareness of the rural population regarding the advantages of rural business development.
Field of Experience and Expertise
ProRuralInvest NGO has extensive experience in rural community development issues such as: rural business development, promotion of ecological production and advanced agricultural technologies, rural social infrastructure development, civil society development, protection of the ownership rights of the rural population, awareness raising activities etc.
Key areas of strength
 •Experience in managing large, diverse, complex and process projects;
 •Complex approach in solving rural community’s problems;
 •Extensive experience in poverty reduction in the Republic of Moldova;
 •NGO institutional strengthening;
 •Sustainable development of rural private business and entrepreneurship;
 •Creation and development of socially oriented businesses;
 •Off-farm activities and income generation;
 •Protection of the ownership rights of the rural population through Third Party Arbitration Courts (TPACs);
 •Rural community development activities, including: elaboration and implementation of rural social assets efficient administration models, promotion of advanced agricultural technologies;
 •Development of promotional and informational campaigns etc.
The core personnel of the ProRuralInvest NGO consist of 9 full-time employees and 29 part-time consultants including financial specialists, economists, legal specialists, agronomists, sociologists, PR specialists. The ProRuralInvest’s staff and contributors have excellent academic, consulting and business backgrounds, enforced by local consulting experience and training abroad.
ProRuralInvest NGO’s office is located in the centre of Chisinau, and is provided with PCs, printers, copying machine, fax, equipped video-studio, and other necessary equipment and tools, and Internet connection unlimited.