Success stories Reports
Support to Rural Investment and Services Project, financed by DFID (Nov 2002-Feb 2006)
The project is financed by DFID and managed by Landell-Mills, Management Consultants UK Company. The specialists of the ProRuralInvest NGO manage and coordinate the activity of SRISP project which consists of two elements:
consolidation of DFID’s previous Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Pilot Project (SRLPP), and implementation of the Rural Business Development Component (RBDC) of the World Bank’s Rural Investment and Service project (RISP), which is the first phase of the Rural Support Services Development Programme.
The goal of the project is to increase rural incomes and to reduce poverty in Moldova. The purpose of the project is to strengthen business development and support services in rural communities. The project has the following main components:
•Creation of effective self-owned and sustainable rural businesses/farmers organizations (assist creation of 900 businesses within 3,3 years);
•Moldovan Development Agencies providing effective support services to new rural enterprises and farmer organizations;
•Improved access to legal advice;
•Improved access to savings and credit;
•Support to revitalization and maintenance of social sphere assets by community involvement and business development;
•Evidence based approaches and policies for support of rural livelihoods and community development made available to the World Bank, Government of Moldova and other development partners;
•Capacity building in local NGOs, providing support services to rural citizens and their communities;


•Partnerships between local government, the private sector and civil society demonstrating potential for improved service delivery to rural communities in pilot areas