Success stories Reports
Organization of reunions of business women from rural area of the Republic of Moldova” (January 21, 2005-June 21, 2005)
The overall project goal was to create/develop an informal network of EERWP grant beneficiaries, open to all interested business women. The project consisted of the following main activities:
•Undertake a beneficiaries’ needs assessment.The needs assessment was performed prior to organizing the meetings of project beneficiaries, based on a questionnaire which contained questions regarding the training needs, the indicators to be collected for the database and information on the organizational aspects of the regional and national events.
•Update and develop a database of EERWP grant beneficiaries and other interested rural women entrepreneurs.The existent database of the Soros EERW Program was developed having added new indicators. The information for the database was collected during the needs assessment process, adding additional questions to the questionnaire. The database includes 72 project beneficiaries, both EERWP beneficiaries and other interested rural women entrepreneurs.


•Organize three regional and one networking event for EERWP grant beneficiaries and other interested rural women entrepreneurs.During the project period, there have been organized three regional networking events in form of project beneficiaries’ meetings.