Success stories Reports
IX) Promotion of Organic Agriculture by media coverage  (dissemination) of the EU requirements and  supporting the harmonization of local legislative framework with these requirements (April 2009-April 2010), funded by Soros Moldova.
The project has the general objective: To promote organic farming as a viable alternative for solving socio-economic problems in Moldova. 
Specific objectives:     
•Support the development of specific rules on labelling and packaging oforganic products under EU Regulation 834/2007 by organizing working groups with participation of local experts, round tables and meetings with the participation of specialists (MAFI, civil society, etc…).   
*•Support the development of national brand "Organic Agriculture in Moldova" by organizing a competition / round-table discussions for the selection and approval of national trade mark.   
 *•Promotion of Organic Agriculture by providing information and training for producers regarding the EU regulatory requirements on organic farming. Drafting and editing of various publications: RM Law in organic farming methods and production techniques in organic farming, leaflets, publications in mass media.    
*•Development and implementation of the Web page with updated information on organic farming, law, technology, products, markets, publications, etc.
•Organization of informative and training seminars for potential organic  producers.
•Introduction of best practices related to organic farming, that generates higher production and revenue level to farmers. Establish 3 demonstration plots in Orhei, Anenii-Noi, Cantemir and organize 3 workshops with debates that will prove the best practices in organic agriculture.