Success stories Reports
"GREEN STEPS for promoting eco-tourism in “Codrii Orheiului" area, financed by the World Bank Office in Moldova, Civil Society Program 2010 sustainable development through eco-tourism "(June 2010 - November 2010) 
The key aim of the project is promoting eco-tourism and nature conservation in Forest Orhei using local human resources. The project is expected to run for a period of 5.5 months. During this period complex and varied work activities will be conducted:  
•Develop and disseminate leaflets. Leaflets will be informative materials and will convey a message of encouragement to  protect green areas, rules of behaviour, dangers that may arise, contact information.  
•Conduct environmental education programs. 10 workshops will be developed and implemented in schools open to pupils in Orhei. The seminars will be held in the most picturesque places in the Codri Orhei.
Main topics will be: "Respect for nature", "Ecology and Tourism", "Ecotourism - Introduction", etc. two seminars per month will be conducted in thefirst five months of the project. Around 360 children are expected to attend the seminars.  
•Involve local population in solving environmental problems.  
•Prepare information for local authorities and mass media on environmental issues. 10 articles will be published in local media to inform people about existing problems,activities needed to be undertaken for their solving (9 articles) and obtained results (one article).  
•During the months of June-July will be carried out activities on waste cleaning of two strips of wood  with lengths of 4.3 km and a width of 50 m each on both sides of the road locatedbetween the villages Slobozia-Doamnei and Ivancea on Orhei-Chisinau route.  
•During the months of August to November there will be conducted works to install information boards, bookmarks, tables, chairs, urns; shrubs and trees will be planted in areas where greening is needed etc.