Success stories Reports
Project  “Support the use of remittances for new businesses and jobs creation” (July 2011-June2014) financed by European Commission and Czech Development Agency, implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in partnership with Public Association  „ProRuralInvest” 
The project aims to mobilize human and financial resources of Moldovan migrant workers in sustainable economic development of Moldova. In this context, the project aims to assist families that receive remittances, migrants and remittance senders in Moldova, also to create and develop profitable private business and creating jobs in the area of origin.
The main task of the project is to raise population welfare by supporting the creation and development of private economic activities, viable and sustainable. For this purpose, the project provides training for 900 beneficiaries till the end of 2014 in launching and managing business and start-up of 150 sustainable businesses, both agricultural profile, as well as non agricultural. Assistance for business start-up is free and provides:  
•Training in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, marketing, and accounting.  
•Identification of business opportunities (identification of profitable goods and services).  
•Preparation of business strategies.  
•Support to identify markets.  
•Support for legal registration of the enterprise.  
•Developing business plans  
•Support to obtain loans for investment purposes.  
•Support in identification process.  
•Post-creationSupport  in the first year of activity.  
The results of the project:   
•Elaboration of Case Study „Business opportunities”.  
•Developing the guide “Business opportunities” and dissemination of 4000 copies.  
•Training to start a business for at least 900 beneficiaries.  
•Registration, launch of business and elaboration of 150 business plans.  
•Assistance provided for starting a business until June 2014.  
•Publishing of brochure “Success stories” and dissemination of 3000 copies.  
•3 study visits to Romania for 50 final beneficiaries of the project.