Success stories Reports
The project "Promoting organic agriculture in Moldova" (March-December 2013), funded by the Development Agency of the Czech Republic, implemented by NGO „ProRuralInvest”  in collaboration with Catholic - Religious Mission
Caritas from Czech Republic.
1.  Supporting small and medium farmers in transition to organic agriculture and strengthen their competitiveness.
2.  Promoting organic agriculture in Moldova and its integration into European trade with organic products.
The project includes the following activities: 
1.  Organization of three information seminars on "Principles of organic agriculture" for 60 producers;
2.  Selecting and training 30 farmers in marketing and business planning in organic agriculture;
3.  Developing  business plans for trained farmers (30 business plans);
4.  Selecting five farmers for setting up demonstration plots on which the best practices in agriculture will be demonstrated;
5.  Organizing 5 seminars on the demonstration plots;
6.  Providing organic certification to 10 farmers;
7.  Organizing a round table on the results from demonstration plots and recommendations;
8.  Training 3 inspectors from the Certification Body "Certificate-Eco" in a similar certification body in Romania;
9.  Organizing a round table with participation of experts from public and private sectors in the field of organic agriculture;
10. Organizing two information seminars on organic agriculture;
11. Organizing a study visit to Romania for farmers and experts from public and private sectors;
12.  Participation of three consultants and three producers in the exhibition of organic products in Warsaw, Poland;
13.  Organizing 2 exhibition - fairs of „Traditional and Organic Products" in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food;
14. Conducting an information campaign through publishing articles in newspapers, distribute flyers and brochures which will increase public awareness on organic agriculture and organic food;
15.  Developing and printing publications (leaflets, brochures).