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NGO "ProRuralInvest" in the framework of the "Information and awareness program on biodiversity conservation for the region Orhei" that is part of the UNDP project "Strengthening institutional capacity and representative system of protected areas in Moldova" financed by the Global Environment made a brochure with the theme:"Development of organic agriculture in National Park Orhei "to be distributed to businesses and individuals interested from Orhei National Park region.Also during this period was finished the brochure "Natural Values of National Park Orhei" which contains information on: natural ecosystems (forest ecosystems, meadow ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems) endangered species of flora, fauna endangered species (Entomofauna (insects), Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals). The brochure will be distributed in schools in the region of the Park and other public institutions and stakeholders in the area. 
"ProRuralInvest" Team in the framework of the "Information and awareness program on biodiversity conservation for the region Orhei" that is part of the UNDP project “Strengthening institutional capacity and representative system of protected areas in Moldova" financed by the Global Environment issued an informative poster for town halls and schools: "Orhei National Park, first national park in Moldova" which contains information on: What are National parks?; Where is Orhei National Park  located?; Main values ​​Orhei National Park, Benefits of National Park Orhei for community FAQ? .  Also in this period the “ProRuralInvest" team elaborated a poster "National Park Orhei: natural values​​" that includes rare species of flora, fauna rare invertebrates, rare species of vertebrate fauna.These posters will be placed in town halls, schools, houses of culture in the region of Orhei National Park. 
NGO "ProRuralInvest" in the framework of the "Information and awareness program on biodiversity conservation for the region Orhei" part of the UNDP project "Strengthening institutional capacity and representative system of protected areas in Moldova" financed by the Global Environment issued a calendar for 2012year  on "National Park Orhei: Community development in harmony with nature". The calendar will be distributed to local authorities, schools and community centers in the region of Orhei National Park. 
The study on business opportunities was made ​​at the request of the project "Support the use of remittances for creating new businesses and jobs", financed by the European Commission and co-financed by the Czech Development Foundation and implemented by Caritas Czech Czech Republic, in partnership with NGO "ProRuralInvest". Designed as a tool to be used by both project specialists in making teaching materials for training seminars organized for project direct beneficiaries and facilitators as well as during the implementation of the project, this report contains general information on the development of SMEs, statistics on SMEs and SME sources of useful information. 
The study can be downloaded on:   Study Report FINAL 
01.09- 31.10 2011  
In the framework of the “Support the use of remittances for new businesses and jobs creation” Project following was made:
Market analysis
According to the Project Logical Framework and the Terms of Reference, in the period of September – October 2011, the planned market analysis to identify business opportunities was conducted. The market analysis aimed at identifying the business opportunities as well as specific issues relevant to business development in order to create a sound basis for promotion of the sustainable use of remittances that was in line with the overall objective to contribute to the promotion of the sustainable use of remittances. 
The market analysis was one of the most appropriate modes of identifying the business opportunities and issues related to business start-up environment. It provides a clear vision about the present business situation in rural areas and its findings facilitate project experts and target group in selection and planning of the future business initiatives. 
The primary data for the market analysis were collected from the three regions of the country North, Centre and South. The report on market analysis findings was submitted at the end of November 2011. 
Guide on business opportunities 
Based on the findings of the market analysis to identify business opportunities, the Guide containing information on existing business opportunities in the Northern, Central and Southern region was developed. The guide was entitled: “The Guide on business opportunities” and comprised complete and detailed business plans for 30 business ideas, that are actual for Moldova at the moment and  could be considered by the prospective entrepreneurs, project beneficiaries. 
The Draft Guide was submitted to the Ministry of Economy and European Delegation Office for feedback and endorsement. Their opinions and suggestions were taken into consideration. 
The authors strived to present various business ideas, rather than propose the same ideas for different regions of the country, but that doesn’t prevent the ideas suggested for one region from being implemented in another. It is important that at suggesting a business idea for one region or another, practically all economic, social, demographic indicators, specific for the respective regions, had been considered. 
The publication was published in 4000 copies and is being distributed to the beneficiaries of the project and also to other interested parts, like local public authorities, labour force offices etc. 
At the end of August "ProRuralInvest" team in the framework of the "Information and awareness program on biodiversity conservation for the region Orhei" that is part of the UNDP project "Strengthening institutional capacity and representative system of protected areas in Moldova", began arranging touristic route Ţigăneşti-Tabara. At the entrance  a billboard  in two languages ​​(Romanian and English) was placed, were repaired tables and chairs that are placed near the informative panel and were installed signs and indicators for the route which links Tiganesti Monastery and Tabara Monastery. 
Today, 21 July 2010, at 10. 00, in the Conference Hall of the government building, a conference was held to launch the project ,,Encouraging innovative use of remittances in productive rural investments”. The project is financially supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and is conducted by the Business Consulting Institute (Moldova) in partnership with ProRuralInvest (Moldova) and the Foundation for Economic Development and European Integration (Romania). The project aims to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills for back home migrants and recipients of remittances to increase investment on remittances.  The target group is: families who received remittances, as a rule, people in rural areas and returning emigrants. The country of project implementation  is the Republic of Moldova and the target area is the center region (12 districts: Noi, Calarasi, Criuleni Dubasari Hincesti Ialoveni Nisporeni Rezina Straseni Soldanesti, Telenesti Ungheni, including small towns and their rural area). The project aims to familiarize local governments and beneficiaries of remittances with new business opportunities, to create new jobs through entrepreneurial and managerial capacity and to redirect remittances towards productive investment power consumption. The conference was attended by representatives of the media, the central government, local governments of the region I and II of the center and members of civil society.  
Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics started implementing the Project in the Republic of MoldovaOn 30 June 2011 Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics (LIAE) signed a contract of the project „Strengthening the Competence for the Certification of Organic Agriculture and Presenting the Experience of Consulting System in the Republic of Moldova“ that is financed by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania. Main aims of the project are: 1)raise the qualifications and skills of Moldova’s certification inspectors, deepening their knowledge of livestock certification; 2)present main principles of Lithuanian consulting system for organic farming.  This project is the first initiative of the program „Strengthening the Capacity of Ensuring Eco- agricultural Development in the Republic of Moldova“and was successfully implemented in 2010. LIAE have already started implementing the second project of this program – Lithuanian experts are preparing materials for trainings of certification specialists of Moldova and a short presentation for stakeholders/interests about the consulting system for organic farming in Lithuania: institutions, ways/methods of providing the information in the consulting process and etc. in order to reach the main goals mentioned above. The trainings are expected to be held in Moldova at the end of August 2011. All activities of the project are expected to be implemented till the middle of November 2011. 
On May 27, 2011 was completed the training nr. 8 on ,,How to start a business” organized within the project ,,Encourage innovative use of remittances in productive rural investments”.At the training that was organized in four districts in the central area of the country (Rezina ,Soldanesti, Criuleni and Dubasari) participated 180 people willing to create a business. People participating in the training are part of the following target groups:  1) Family members recipients of  remittances, usually - poor people from the rural area; 2) Back home migrants;3) People who work over abroad and send money to families and relatives back home.